Whale of a Table Countertop Fabrication Work Table - worktable for stone granite quartz marble

whale of a table: Stone Fabrication Table One Minute Assembly!

About the Table

The Whale of a Table Modular Fabrication Table's Patent Pending features are many:

No tools are necessary to easily assemble or disassemble the Table once casters are installed.  Watch the Video to see how quickly and easily this can be done.

Stacks to just 5" high for easy storage when not in use.

Height adjustable to 38", 40" and 42" to accommodate YOUR ergonomic needs!

Support Bars are movable to accommodate variable sink openings. 

Underneath is completely open allowing for unencumbered work space from below.

All parts are replaceable - from the casters to table sides and ends, to the locking mechanisms and rubber padding - this Table will literally last you for MANY YEARS to come!

Heavy Duty: 1,200 lb. Load Capacity


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PUTTING THE WHALE OF A TABLE TOGETHER IS JUST THIS EASY!  And it disassembles just as quickly to free up floor space when not in use.

Modular Fabrication Work Table for Countertop - stone industry granite quartz marble


About the Extension

This 36" Modular Stone Fabrication Table Extension quickly and easily assembles and disassembles and is height adjustable to 38", 40" and 42", as well.

This Modular Extension adapts to the Modular Table allowing it to quickly and easily be lengthened or create configurations to accommodate the surface area needed.  Easily create an L-Shape, U-Shape or even a Z-Shape AND the Modular Extensions adapt one into another.  The possibilities for configuring the Table and Extensions are ENDLESS!

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The Table and Modular Extension are so easy to use!

Blue Marlin Fabrication Table

Our newly released style of fabrication table: Just THREE PIECES. No Bolts and No Tools Needed for Assembly! You've got to see it to believe it!